Le Sac En Papier
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Le Sac En Papier

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Our favourite Be-Poles' Le Sac En Papier is the perfect little present for those who love design, typography, and all things chic and minimal. Perfect for decorative or storage purposes, our customers love using their Le Sac En Papier bags as a waste paper basket lining, to hide cables in the living room, to store throws and blankets in the bedroom or keeping those fabric rolls/wrapping paper tidy in the workspace, and even as a chic holder for their indoor plant. Dimensions: 60 (H) x 32 (L) x 16 (D) cm (33 litres) Printed French on one side, English on the other. Made from strong recycled double layered kraft paper. Re-usable and eco-friendly. Made in Paris, France These storage bags are shipped folded flat. Demonstrating that less really is more, the design aesthetic of Paris and New York-based graphic design studio Be-Poles is a mindset and the ongoing expression of new ideas and inventions.
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