Berry Mountain

Berry Mountain
Do you ever just have to get out of the city?  Does the everyday vibe in your normal corner just feel too much?   We pack our bags and head south to a perfect little part of the world. Berry township is just 2 hours south of Sydney and is rich dairy country. The township has some of the best woodfired pastries, bread and coffee you can imagine. It has rolling hills, coastal coves and ocean beaches. Our family get-away on Berry Mountain is 5 acres of natural rainforest a great place to dream, design and create. Our place there was designed by Australian architect Peter Stutchbury and the wonderful Phoebe Pape collaborated with us on the landscaping. It's truly special. And now we have our own MAJOR-MINOR studio up on the hill.  This is where our creative thoughts will take flight and we'll be able to explore those great ideas we all have at 2am. Our little studio set in the bush is also where we have photographed our linen for our website on a few occasions and where we often play around with different colours and designs and set up different styled beds. It's a space to get away from the city rush and an opportunity to slow down, unwind and relax in the great Australian outdoors.

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