Care Info


Before First Use

All our linens can be machine-washed. In fact, the more you wash your linen, the more the fibres will soften, making the fabric easier to iron and even more beautiful. We always recommend washing your linen before first use, do so at low temperature, approximately between 30C-40C (86F-104F) with a small quantity of soap. We recommend wool wash or other mild detergents. *Washing at higher temperatures may cause pilling over time and reduce the longevity of your linen.


We recommend you wash your linen at low temperature between 30C - 40C (86F-104F). Lightly fill the machine to allow linens room to move about. Use a mild soap such as wool wash. Avoid strong detergents with a high concentration or bleach. Wash all linen separately the first time as fibres may come off the product during the first washing cycles. Check your washing machines lint filter before and after washing. *Washing at higher temperatures may cause pilling over time and reduce the longevity of your linen.


Tumble dry your linen at low heat on a slow tumble setting. Use a short cycle and remove it while the linen is still slightly damp. If possible, complete with line drying as it's best for linen and the environment. Tumble drying your linen will give it a softer feel than line drying, however can shorten the lifespan of your linen if used as a continual option for drying. If line drying, do not leave linen in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time as linen being a natural fibre may lighten in the sun over long periods of time in extensive heat.

Waffle Towels

We recommend you wash your towels between 30C-40C (86F-104F) on a gentle cycle. Line dry is of course the best option for the environment, however towels can be tumble dried on low heat. Do not bleach or wash with items that may catch on the towels.


To keep the relaxed look of our washed linen we recommend not ironing. If you prefer a more crisp linen look, iron linen while it is still damp. Iron dark linen inside-out.  

Changing your bedsheets

We highly recommend changing your bedsheets each week and following the European philosophy of one set on the bed and one set off. This means rotating your sheets with 2 or 3 other sets to ensure the long lifespan of your linen, particularly fitted sheets which come under most contact and can show signs of wear first.