New In - Table Linen

New In - Table Linen
We've started designing and making some of our own creations which we do with our beautiful Belgian flax linen - we've designed and handmade a range of table linen.  We sat down one weekend and just decided to do it.  Our love of sewing goes back a long way and we wanted to connect with our MM customer in a special way. We like simplicity in our products with as little frill and flounce as possible. This can be seen in the minimalist approach to our table linen range.  We’re starting with our essentials in Grey’s , Nude's and White. We make these on order and can also custom different sizes for you. We will always try and keep the quality top knotch and the prices affordable. And we will bring this new range to you with even more of ourselves in every piece.
Above: Handmade Large Tablecloth in White

Above: Handmade Napkins in White.
Above: Handmade Large Tablecloth in Gun Grey

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